The Thrift Shop Project focuses on providing relief and community care for the aged through provision of consumables, groceries, cloths and other items. The thrift shop scheme began with four (4) shops located at Kwahu Tafo. Nkwatia, Sempoa and Hweehwee. In September 2019, four additional shops located at: Ankoma. Aduhema, Miaso and Kotoso communities were added to the existing shops totaling 8 shops in all.

Impact: The addition of the new shops or outlets increased the number of beneficiaries on the scheme from 660 to over 2000 community members. These beneficiaries can now access items ranging from perfumery, detergents, slippers, and food items such as perfumed rice, vegetable cooking oil, canned fish and dairy products (milo, powdered milk) etc. to support their livelihood and this continues every quarter to reduce hunger and poverty. Madam Adijatu from Ankoma community have this to say about the thrift shop project , “I am 65 years old and rely on my farming activities to survive. Sometime the weather fails which leads to very low harvest and do not have any other source of income. When this happens hardship sets in and living conditions deteriorate. But when I started benefiting from the thrift shop project, these hardship seasons have reduced. Anytime the farm yields are not encouraging I still have food items to rely on from the thrift shop”.



The scholarship scheme seeks to encourage inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. BAF instituted a scholarship program where individuals can apply and access support to pursue higher learning. It rolled out this support in collaboration with the Presbyterian University College (PUC) located at Abetifi, where active teachers who have taught for ten continuous years or more within Kwahu can apply for this financial aid. In 2019, seventy (70) teachers were successfully enrolled to serve as motivation and improve quality education for these beneficiaries to pursue Masters in Educational Studies programs at PUC. The second batch comprises of fifty (50) more teachers to pursue the same programme at PUC giving a total of 120 teachers benefiting from the scheme. There is a plan to increase the numbers of beneficiaries to create an even greater impact.

In addition, six (6) teachers were sponsored in various programs at the undergraduate level. The scholarship program is expected to continue into the coming year and extended to other four districts in the Kwahu enclave.

 Impact: This initiative will improve quality education among teachers in Kwahu and transcend to the school children in these districts.



The distribution of the school uniforms to school children is an initiative taken to ensure that the lack or failure to acquire school uniforms does not hinder any child from accessing education at least to the basic level. Hence, the school uniforms project distributes free uniforms to schools in the Kwahu from the kindergarten to the JHS 3.

Impact: Overall, a total of 24,082 pupils have benefited from the school uniform distribution (12,711 girls and 11,371 boys). This has in a way prevent further school drop outs by 67%. Each child was provided with three uniforms which were tailor made through measurements taken.

School children wearing their new uniforms and displaying their spare uniforms in their hands.