• Teachers Scholarship Scheme
  • Undergrad Scholarship Scheme
  • School Uniform & Learning Materials Support
  • Reading & Debating
  • Mentees Project

Education programs seek to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
Education have become very key in our development as a country. Sometimes not just accessing it but also the quality becomes a challenge. The Foundation seeing this need have implemented a Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme for teachers in Kwahu to help improve their knowledge as they transfer quality knowledge to the pupils and students in the whole of Kwahu. This project is currently being implemented in five (5) districts namely Kwahu East, Kwahu South, Kwahu West, Afram Plains North and Afram Plains South. The scheme is being run in collaboration with the Presbyterian University College.
There is also an introduction of a general scholarship scheme for undergraduates to help support students who may be very brilliant but needy and find it difficult to pursue their degree programme due to financial challenges. The project is currently focused on indigenes and residents of Kwahu and meant to support both fresh and continuing students in any university in Ghana. This cover all the five districts in Kwahu.

Social Services

Thrift Shop

Focus on providing relief and community care for the aged through provision of consumables, groceries, cloths and other items.
The thrift shop project has over the years supported over 2200 aged men and women in Kwahu East district. The project seeks to provide support for the aged specifically 65+ year old who finds it difficult to make ends meet by providing them with food items, groceries, clothes etc. This is done through an app and a digital card given to all the beneficiaries with allocated funds quarterly to enable them access the items whenever they walk into any of the shops in their locations. There are 8 thrift shops which are located at Sempoa, Nkwatia, Kwahu-Tafo, Ankoma, Miaso, Kotoso, Dwerebease and Aduhima communities all in Kwahu East district. Plans are on the way to increase the number of these shops so as to reach out to more beneficiaries.


  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Drug Abuse
  • HIV & AIDS
  • Child Labour

Increase awareness of social issues to encourage a healthy society for development.
The Foundation is also concerned with some social issues which tend to bother on health, social, economic, labour, etc of the people in some of the communities. As a result, the Foundation have implemented programmes to educate and sensitize the communities on issues such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, HIV and AIDS, child trafficking and child labour to help reduce these menace in the society.

Over the years, education on radio stations and some media houses in Kwahu including community radio centers have been used to reach out to the general public and community members on such social issues and over 95,000 people have been reached through these channels.