To take advantage of the climate, vegetation and soils to produce crops and livestock through best agricultural practices that would improve food security, markets accessibility and create jobs to improve the socio-economic well-being of the people in the operational areas.

  1. Farm tools support
  2. Block farming
  3. Maize demonstration farm
  4. Tractor services

Economic Empowerment


The Economic Empowerment program seeks to give beneficiaries the means to take control of their own economic destiny through resourcing and capacity building.

Economic empowerment seeks to promote sustained economic growth, productive employment and decent work for all in Kwahu enclave.

  1. Grasscutter rearing
  2. Rabbitry
  3. Youth in Apprenticeship
  4. Driver Licensing Registration
  5. Gari Processing Centres

Housing and Infrastructure Development


To build resilient infrastructure to support socio-economic development in intervention communities

  1. Construction of 2 unit KG block at Ankoma
  2. Renovation of classroom blocks & CHPS compund (Pepease, Kwatia, Suminakese, Nteso, Onyemso)



Provide financial support to empower people economically

  1. Mobilization
  2. Capacity building
  3. Loan disbursement
  4. Loan recovery