This project was initiated because the classroom block that was housing the little children became a death trap to the teachers and the kids who were using the structure.

 Impact: The project upon completion is expected to provide relief and comfort to the pupils who previously studied under makeshift structures. It will provide a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning as both teachers and the school children will be safer and more secure. It is also expected the completion of the project will contribute to increase enrolment of pupils at the KG level.

Economic Empowerment

The livelihood empowerment department of BAF oversees the implementation of programs in the areas of Agriculture, economic empowerment, housing and infrastructure. The objective of the livelihood empowerment unit is to develop and implement people centered programs with a focus on improving the overall socio-economic livelihood of its beneficiaries. For Agriculture, the farm tools support program has been implemented whiles under economic empowerment, the Youth In Apprenticeship (YIA) program is currently under implementation. A two-unit KG block with auxiliary facilities have been constructed at Ankoma and the Nteso DA KG block has also seen massive renovation all under the housing and infrastructure unit of the department.