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2,000 Senior Citizens receive support from Baf




Ankoma- Kwahu East, 12 Sept 2019; – The Bryan Acheampong Foundation (BAF) as part of its support for the elderly, has opened eight (8) thrift shops in the rural areas of Kwahu East.

Beneficiary communities are, Nkwatia, Kwahu-Tafo, Hweehwee, Sempoa, Miaso, Ankoma, Kotoso and Aduhema.

This social intervention geared towards supporting people above 65 years and the socially marginalized provides beneficiaries with a card which is loaded each month with a specific amount. Beneficiaries are thus able, to visit the shops within their locations from Monday to Friday to obtaintheir basic needs free-off-charge; using their allowance on the card.

Items stocked in the thrift shops include groceries and Household items. Each of the 8 thrift shopshas one attendant from the local community and supervised by the Social Intervention Programme Manager at BAF.

The criteria for Selecting beneficiaries includes:

  1. Resident of Kwahu East
  2. Age of 65 and above
  3. Poor and vulnerable

Beneficiaries selected are usually within the Kwahu East District who are mostly unable to afford basic necessities to support themselves and their dependents. Due to old age, most of them are without sources of income/livelihood, hence, the establishment of the 8 thrift shops within the district to support them. The Bryan Acheampong Foundation social intervention program seeks to empower the elderly people to feel independent again and assist them in ways that will help them live decent lives.

In an address, the Director for BAF, Mr. Lawrence Amartey, was hopeful that the Foundation’s Thrift shop project will ease the surviving pressure faced by these ageing members of the community.


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